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    Post  verynearly on Sun Jul 23, 2017 10:19 pm

    I used to love k-pop a lot when I was in elementary school, and had a resurgence during this really long road trip I took with my roommates last spring. Other than Korean music, I like soccer, basketball, and I'm learning to skateboard this summer. I think I'm mediocre at all three, which is better than being bad, cheers Honestly I used to not computers too much except for homework, but I've been using it a lot more these last few years because I'm computer science major.

    My true passion is actually professional wrestling, haha. I love the acrobatics and the showmanship and the pageantry. I think in some ways Pro Wrestling and K-pop is pretty similar? They're both very theatrical, and I crave that over-the-top-ness. In the same vein I like Drag Queens for similar reasons, but not as much as Pro Wrestling.

    I'm learning Chinese and Korean, Korean because I don't like waiting from translations and Chinese because I felt bad that I was learning Korean when I'm Chinese. Laughing

    I am working on getting better at MIDI file creations, I have been using the keyboard at my church, since it's much easier than working on my computer keyboard. I have read the rules, so I'll make sure to PM an admin once I have something I think is shareable.

    Oof, sorry this got long! I hope I did this right, I'm not that savvy with forums. silent I'm sorry that my picture is so gigantic! I tried to pick a picture where I didn't look like fetus, but I still look like a middle schooler... I'm in college I swear...

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    Re: [Introduction]VeryNearly

    Post  WingXero on Thu Jul 27, 2017 5:01 pm

    Hello verynearly,

    You introduction is almost complete.
    You still need (like mentioned in the introduction rules):
    > To add an avatar to your profile
    > To read the Forum General Rules and mention on of the rules in your introduction.
    Once your done with fixing your introduction, it will be validated by an admin.

    It's good to do lots of sport (even if your mediocre at it), it's still good for your health and stamina.

    Skateboarding ? Why would you like to learn that ? For making figures or to use it for riding the street ?
    If it's more for the fun of riding down the street, I'd recommend you Longboard instead of skateboarding.
    I'm a longboarder Smile. You have various style of longboard (depending of what you want to do with it).
    Cruising, Carving, Dancing, Downhill, Freeride, ...
    Girls I know tend to prefer Cruising/Carving and Dancing
    But well, if you only want to do bowls, skate parks, ramps, ... yeah then it's a skateboard you'll need.

    Wow wrestling, should boys be worried to crack bad jokes around you ?
    I wouldn't want to angry you and be at the bad end of a German suplex (Just kidding) lol!

    Good luck for your studies of Korean and Chinese.
    I'd also want to learn Chinese (but I'm no Chinese xD).

    Best regards,


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