Question: do u known about any K-Drama about medicine or cience


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    Question: do u known about any K-Drama about medicine or cience

    Post  Arquenteron on Thu Sep 13, 2018 12:29 pm

    I am a medical student and i also love korean culture. So i'd wanna ask u if u know about medical kdramas (something like house or grey's anatomy xD).


    I'd read all ur answers :'D but i am Spanish, so I dont speak English... XD and i am not using google translate, so... HAHAHA sorry for my English (in2it would said this xD).

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    Re: Question: do u known about any K-Drama about medicine or cience

    Post  Eirith on Fri Sep 14, 2018 10:22 am

    Hi Arquenteron!
    I know some kdramas related to medicine, but like many, the majority are more related to romance.
    Although aren't very related to medicine, some of the ones I've seen are Doctor Stranger, Mirror of the Witch, Good Doctor, Blood, D Day, Hospital ship... (sorry if there're many and if they don't meet your expectations Razz ).

    There's a dorama that I highly recommend, although it is Japanese. The name is "Ichi rittoru no namida" or Un litro de lágrimas in Spanish, and the truth is that the title doesn't lie. I remember that the first time I saw it I could cry more than a liter xDD but each person has their own tastes and not everyone likes that dorama or cries. But I recommend it because you not only learn by the illness that the protagonist suffers, but also by the great lesson of life that she gives, and it's very easy to feel empathy with her. It is also based on real events.
    I don't talk more, it seems that I'm selling the dorama Laughing
    If you see some of these movies or Un litro de lágrimas I would like to know your opinion, I hope you like them Very Happy


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