(Bi)RAIN- "Red Scarf"


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    (Bi)RAIN- "Red Scarf"

    Post  jenny.lk on Mon Mar 07, 2011 12:44 pm

    Hello everybody..
    Did you already know? After Rain's comeback kdrama Fugitive 2010,there will be a movie 2011,called "Red Scarf"(the name could be possibly changed into "Living in the Sky").He's already confirmed and his co-star(and love interest in the movie)should be actress Shin Se-Kyung.
    It's about a soldier in the korean war,and he falls in love with her.
    I'm really really anticipating the movie and i hope it'll be successful^_~

    RAIN, aja aja hwwaitinnnng !!~ Razz [img][/img]

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