Versailles and OLIVIA @ UppCon:11 in Uppsala, Sweden, June 3 - 5


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    Versailles and OLIVIA @ UppCon:11 in Uppsala, Sweden, June 3 - 5

    Post  Tsukiya on Wed Mar 09, 2011 3:49 am

    The visual kei band Versailles will play during UppCon:11 in Uppsala (Sweden) June 3 - 5. Their concert will be held friday the 3rd.

    The Revenant Choir

    Also Olivia Lufkin (Music from the band Trapnest in the anime NANA) will have her concert under saturday. May be more bands later, not sure yet.

    A Little Pain (NANA ending)

    UppCon is Scandinavia's biggest convention for east-asian culture (anime, manga, video games, music, cosplay etc.) with around 3000 visitors. The convention will be held for 3 days in Uppsala (Sweden) and cost 500 swedish crowns (~ 56 euro) and another 100 crowns (~ 11 euro) for a place to sleep. Swedish conventions offer sleeping places which are usually placed at schools and you bring your own sleeping equipment. There are also hotels and hostles which UppCon have made deals with to choose from.
    If you want a secure place at the concerts, each ticket will cost 30 crowns (~ 3 euro), otherwise you can queue before the concert to get a seat.

    You can read more about UppCon at their website (only in Swedish):
    I can help out if you want to know more ~

    Olivia Lufkin:


    So hopefully I will be able to meet you all there --.^

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