Cpop vs Kpop vs Jpop?



    Which do you prefer more?

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    5% [5%] 
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    76% [76%] 
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    19% [19%] 

    Total Votes: 149

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    Re: Cpop vs Kpop vs Jpop?

    Post  ayashi110 on Sat Jun 09, 2012 8:56 am

    K-pop for the win Smile
    Well, my opinion of course !! Most of the time I listen to Korean music .. I really really like that, but it doesn't mean that C-Pop and J-Pop are bad Smile
    Kaoru Himura-Takarai

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    Re: Cpop vs Kpop vs Jpop?

    Post  Kaoru Himura-Takarai on Mon Jun 18, 2012 12:12 pm

    Jpop hands down.


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    Re: Cpop vs Kpop vs Jpop?

    Post  schinkenx3 on Sat Aug 04, 2012 5:10 am

    i prefere k-pop Very Happy i love 2PM =DD

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    Re: Cpop vs Kpop vs Jpop?

    Post  Miss_Nothing13 on Fri Sep 21, 2012 10:44 am

    It was quite difficult between Kpop and Jpop, but I choose Kpop.
    I listen more to Jrock than to Jpop, and I don't listen much songs of Cpop...
    I love 2NE1, Big Bang, SNSD, SHINee, Super Junior, T-ARA and U-KISS, but I listen few new groups that are awesome too Wink

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    Re: Cpop vs Kpop vs Jpop?

    Post  SuperGirl on Thu Sep 27, 2012 12:02 pm

    I prefer kpop even when I find jpop easier to sing XD

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    Re: Cpop vs Kpop vs Jpop?

    Post  Skar28 on Sun Nov 18, 2012 4:15 am

    I prefer the k-pop I love you
    At first I started listening to j-pop, but after discovering the K-pop and I prefer it by far, the C-pop I've heard very little bit.

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    Re: Cpop vs Kpop vs Jpop?

    Post  fever90 on Sat Dec 08, 2012 5:33 pm

    I know almost nothing of j-pop, k-pop tends to sound all the same to me, so that's why I chose c-pop Razz even though I probably listen to k-pop the most.

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    Re: Cpop vs Kpop vs Jpop?

    Post  laura_13 on Mon Dec 24, 2012 1:54 pm

    I listen a lot of k-pop but I prefer J-pop. I don't know why I have a better feeling with japanese songs.

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    Re: Cpop vs Kpop vs Jpop?

    Post  scorched03 on Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:07 pm

    i think jpop influenced cpop

    then kpop got bigger and drew from around the world.... and I recognize alot of stolen beats more from korean songs than jpop/cpop Smile

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    Re: Cpop vs Kpop vs Jpop?

    Post  elflava on Thu Aug 22, 2013 2:35 pm

    I totally addicted to K-Pop, so I vote for K-Pop.. but I like J-Pop & C-Pop too~~ Very Happy

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    Re: Cpop vs Kpop vs Jpop?

    Post  mizuyuri on Fri Sep 13, 2013 8:00 am

    K-pop? J-pop? I don't know.. I haven't listened to C-pop much lately, so it's a battle of the other two. They're all great, it's really hard to decide.. but.. anyway, since I could understand J-pop more than K-pop.. I chose J-pop cheers

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    Re: Cpop vs Kpop vs Jpop?

    Post  thatxx on Mon Sep 30, 2013 1:14 pm

    First it was only jpop but then it changed to kpop ~ Very Happy so i voted for kpop because I mainly listen to it! But there are many great jpop -artists that I like still listen very much :3

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    Re:Cpop vs Kpop vs Jpop?

    Post  happycute on Wed Jan 22, 2014 8:57 am

    i decide to choose kpop
    because kpop in the beginning of year 2006 maybe until now was become huge effect in the world.. every body in this world there are get the korean wave.. every country maybe now about kpop..and i love kpop too,, because the music and they songs is so funky, cool, enjoyable.. and so on

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    Re: Cpop vs Kpop vs Jpop?

    Post  kirschsteinrise on Thu Jan 23, 2014 7:31 am

    I definitely like k-pop the best so I voted for it, I used to be a huge j-pop fan but nowadays no group/singer is interesting to me except for Perfume, somehow the best years of j-pop were from 200-2007... I like c-pop, but it's really hard to look for it, as the names of songs/artists are rarely romanized :(

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    Re: Cpop vs Kpop vs Jpop?

    Post  fauziprayoga on Wed Mar 19, 2014 1:23 pm

    vote for kpop Very Happy

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    Re: Cpop vs Kpop vs Jpop?

    Post  viejoperro on Fri May 09, 2014 9:21 pm

    I like kpop more, is sweeter and harmonic and of course dance!

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    Re: Cpop vs Kpop vs Jpop?

    Post  keibimai on Tue Aug 26, 2014 12:12 pm

    I chose K-Pop, because I really like the language (and many male idols really do look good, don't they? :c) ~ I mostly listen to K-Pop and I never get tired of it kkk But after K-Pop I would choose C-Pop ^~^

    Of course it's just my opinion ~ c:

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    Re: Cpop vs Kpop vs Jpop?

    Post  gucken on Wed Sep 03, 2014 12:59 pm

    I would also have to vote for Kpop, even though I understand less Korean than Japanese. Kpop is just so catchy! But then again, I haven't heard much Cpop, though!
    But of course there are also many good Japanese Popsongs Smile

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    Re: Cpop vs Kpop vs Jpop?

    Post  hainechii on Sun Jan 04, 2015 5:41 am

    I love k-pop but mi number 1 for always will be J-pop♥

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    Re: Cpop vs Kpop vs Jpop?

    Post  IPanda on Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:02 am

    I love more Kpop music, but the Jpop is good too Wink I voted Kpop

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    Re: Cpop vs Kpop vs Jpop?

    Post  WingXero on Thu Mar 19, 2015 2:26 pm

    Sorry if I'm vulgar but ...

    F*** K-pop Razz

    Sorry for being unusual, but I'm really not a great fan of K-pop, still there's still some songs that I like in Hangeul.
    It's mostly ballad songs (Lyn - My Destiny, Jang Geun Suk - Otokajo, Ailee - Goodbye My Love).

    For me I began with C-Pop and J-Pop about the same time, but liked more J-Pop 'cause there
    were lots of Japanese animes, with lot's of songs in it xD
    That's why I was ten years ago a great fan of J-pop/rock

    But since I began looking at drama's I went a lot more C-Pop (Liked a lot of C-drama, lesser J/K-drama).

    For those who don't know anything at C-Pop, I'll do my best to help you discover it.
    As a Songmaker, I'll mostly do C-Pop / Rock / Folk songs. I'm new, so I didn't make lot of songs
    actually, but listen to G.E.M. I love you, Della Ding / Ding Dang I love you, Fish Leong, Yen-J, Jason Zhang,
    Victor Wong, S.H.E., Cherry Boom I love you  (Rock), Tong Li (Folk), Yuan Shan Shan (Folk) ...

    [VOICE ON]
    Come to the dark side Twisted Evil  Twisted Evil  Twisted Evil

    You did understand, for me it'll be C-Pop ! (Then J-Pop, love Utada Hikaru, Rie Tanaka, T.M. Revolution ...)


    Admin, Songmaker, Songreworker & Reuploader

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    cpop vs kpop vs jpop

    Post  MomogirlLucy on Fri Apr 22, 2016 7:46 am

    I love Kpop because my favourite artists are koreans.

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    Re: Cpop vs Kpop vs Jpop?

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