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    [Releases] cka_tm

    Post  cka_tm on Mon Oct 17, 2011 12:15 am

    0: Song request in consideration
    1: Song Accepted, finding lyrics
    2: TXT in progress
    3: TXT ok, Song testing &fine tuning in progress
    4: Song ok, upload pending
    5: Song online

    I'm cka_tm, please pm me for any song requests with no midi (ill only take in songs which many people request, im busy a lot of the time)

    Sorry for the unexplained long leave guys, i was very busy with school work (esp with test going towards me going to uni/ college), i am still busy with these tests, but i will try my best to help, even after what happened with this forum... usasian fighting! ^^

    [0] Song request in consideration

    [1] Song Accepted, finding lyrics
    [1] Kim Hyun Joong - Lucky Guy
    [1] T-ara - Apple is A
    [1] TaeYang - Prayer

    [2] Song TXT in process
    [1] Orange Caramel - Shanghai Romance

    [3] TXT okay, testing in progress
    [2] Super Junior - Sorry Sorry (Answer)

    [4] Song ok, upload pending

    [5] Song Online
    [5] Hyun-Ah - Bubble Pop

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