The place of your own language!!


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    The place of your own language!!

    Post  Jyou on Mon Oct 15, 2012 12:28 pm

    There's a lot of people here, huh?. We must speak english because is "internacional language" but we have another own language. And u know, we feel more comfortable if we speak in our own language, aren't we?. So, I think we can do a topic for speak in our own language and a little summary of the post in english. We can speak about learn languages (help with homeworks!! hehe), about typical things about our countries, help compatriots with translates to english...
    What do you think?

    Hay mucha gente en este foro, ¿verdad?. Y todos debemos hablar en inglés porque se toma como un "idioma internacional", pero tenemos otro idioma propio, en el que nos sentimos más cómodos al hablar ¿verdad?. Entonces, creo que podemos hacer un tema en el que podamos hablar en nuestro propio idioma, incluyendo en cada post un pequeño resumen de lo que hemos dicho. Podríamos hablar sobre el aprendizaje de idiomas (y ayudar con los deberes!!, jajaja), sobre cosas típicas de nuestros países, ayudar a compañeros de idioma con las traducciones al inglés...
    ¿Qué os parece?

    Il ya beaucoup de gens ici, hein?. Nous devons parler anglais parce que c'est "la langue internacional», mais nous avons une autre langue. Et vous le savez, nous nous sentons plus à l'aise si nous parlons dans notre propre langue, n'est-ce pas?. Donc, je pense que nous pouvons faire un sujet pour parler en notre propre langue et un petit résumé de ce post en anglais. Nous pouvons parler d'apprendre les langues (aide avec les devoirs! Hehe), à propos de choses typiques sur nos pays, aider les compatriotes à se traduit par des anglais ...
    Que pensez-vous?

    Há um monte de gente aqui, hein?. Devemos falar Inglês, porque é "a linguagem internacional", mas nós temos um outro idioma. E vc sabe, nos sentimos mais confortáveis ​​se falar em nossa própria língua, não?. Então, eu acho que podemos fazer um tópico para falar em nossa própria língua e um pequeno resumo do post em Inglês. Podemos falar de aprender línguas (ajudar com os trabalhos de casa! Hehe), sobre as coisas típicas sobre nossos países, ajudar compatriotas com traduz em Inglês ...
    O que você acha?

    My friend google helps me to translate into french and portuguese, so sorry for mistakes.
    Fawe Denoir

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    Re: The place of your own language!!

    Post  Fawe Denoir on Mon Oct 15, 2012 8:42 pm

    I think its a fine idea! If you want to chat about anything in any language, than this is the right place Smile

    Little sidenote. We don't request that the Introductions be in English because that is the "international language". English happens to be the common language of most of the admin staff! If we had Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, ... moderators than maybe we could accept introductions in those languages too! In fact, we had a Spanish moderator before and back then we also accepted introductions in Spanish. But now we have no Spanish moderator and none of the moderators speak Spanish.... Exclamation

    --> To everyone reading this. If you want to make the forum more accessible in other languages than please contact us about becoming a moderator! Wink

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    Re: The place of your own language!!

    Post  Eirith on Sun Jun 02, 2013 3:12 pm

    It's a great idea, I like so much.
    It would be great to be able to talk in our language, order to discuss any subject more easily, for example.
    Also to help other people, about any doubt, who do not speak English well.
    I vote your idea Very Happy


    Sorry for the mistakes I made with English. I try to improve day by day.
    If your presentation takes a long time and you have not received a response, please send me a PM.

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    Re: The place of your own language!!

    Post  Hitode on Fri Feb 28, 2014 7:17 am

    I feel more comfortable in speaking English than my own language tbh, but I think it is a nice Idea. Especially cause I want to learn Spanish.

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    Re: The place of your own language!!

    Post  Ladynight153 on Tue May 27, 2014 6:54 am

    I think that's a great idea! Maybe we can learn from each other :3

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    Re: The place of your own language!!

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