2NE1 new album 2014 "Crush"


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    2NE1 new album 2014 "Crush"

    Post  Eirith on Thu Feb 27, 2014 4:07 am

    As many now, 2NE1's new album is here!!!  cheers  cheers  cheers 
    Also it would look on iTunes, but have already been kind enough to upload the songs to Youtube.
    I'd love to know speak Korean to understand the lyrics... I'll have to wait for someone subtitle the songs (although already there're all in English)  Razz 
    Although I don't understand what they say, the songs I liked a lot!! Maybe I have too much I appreciate this group  Rolling Eyes 
    Surely many have also heard it, but I want to share with all members fans of 2NE1 this fantastic album  Very Happy  We'll wait the MV impatient.
    2NE1 FIGHTING!!!



    1. Crush
    2. Come Back Home
    3. 너 아님 안돼 (Gotta Be You)
    4. 살아 봤으면 해 (If I Were You)
    5. 착한 여자 (Good For You)
    6. 멘붕 MTBD (CL solo)
    7. Happy
    8. Scream (Korean ver)
    9. Baby I Miss You
    10. Come Back Home (Unplugged version)


    Come Back Home

    Gotta Be You

    If I Were You

    Good To You




    Baby I Miss You

    Come Back Home (Unplugged Ver.)


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    Re: 2NE1 new album 2014 "Crush"

    Post  Fawe Denoir on Mon Mar 03, 2014 3:05 pm

    The MVs for "Come back home" and "Happy" are out!

    I have to admit, I am not a 'blackjack' just yet... I have a some songs from 2NE1 that I like, but it's not a group I follow much.

    That said, the new album sounds solid! I'm sure Blackjacks around the world must be celebrating!

    For the curious, my favorite member is   Like a Star @ heaven Minzy  Like a Star @ heaven   and my favorite 2NE1 song is the 2012 hit "I love you"!

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