Karaoke in Conventions in different countries


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    Karaoke in Conventions in different countries

    Post  Kamikazehero on Fri Nov 07, 2014 6:25 am

    I wonder if there are people also here who goes to conventions mainly to sing in Karaokeroom?
    I like to exchange experience from different countries so please join this discussion.

    Since I am living in Germany I went mainly to German conventions. We have only about 1-3 Teams who provides Karaoke on a fanbase orientated way at several conventions.
    Karaoke on conventions exists about 15 years and went through several technical stages.
    I remember on one of the earlier convention we were only 7 people in the room and we had a VCD (Video CD) Player with only Elvis and Frank Sinatra Songs
    The typical set for Karaoke in German conventions is a room far away from every other event areas. Mostly the guest sings in front of screen with other visitors in their backs. Only recently some conventions also provide that the singer get an extra monitor so they can sing in front of the audience. Most of the songs provide are not really karaoke (without voice). I think it just differcult to get an instrumental version for some songs especially none-asian songs.

    to be continue

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