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    !Introduction Guide/Rules! (Must read)

    Fawe Denoir
    Fawe Denoir

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    !Introduction Guide/Rules!  (Must read) Empty !Introduction Guide/Rules! (Must read)

    Post  Fawe Denoir on Wed Mar 21, 2012 12:54 pm

    This is the forum where you can introduce yourself to become a member of this community.

    1) Titles

    To create an introduction thread create a NEW thread with the following format:

    [Introduction] + Your Username

    With NO spaces before the 'introduction' or your username

    Good examples: I love you

    [Introduction]Fawe Denoir

    Bad examples Evil or Very Mad
    [Introduction] jimmy07 (notice the spaces before 'introduction' and before 'jimmy')
    [Introduction]me! (please use your username)
    Hi everyone! It's me Luka666 (no respect of the [Introduction]+ format)

    2) Picture

    Who wants to look at the same generic boring image? Add a picture so we can tell you apart!

    3) Content

    We want to know who you are so write a little bit about your likes and dislikes (music or other).

    Good example I love you

    -Hi my name is Fawe and I've been singing karaoke for years! I really like Jpop and my favorite singers are Yui and Kylee. I've even been to Japan once!. I also listen to a lot of Kpop (especially Davichi and SNSD).

    I'm from Montreal and hope to find others who like to sing the same asian songs as me. Can't wait to have fun with everyone!

    Bad examples Evil or Very Mad
    -Hi, my name is Pierre353 and I really want to download songs. Add me please!

    4) Language

    While our users come from all over the world, the forum staff speaks mostly English. Therefore, your introduction needs to be written in English. We understand that English may not be your first language or that you are not comfortable with it, but we will not read introductions in other languages.

    Your introduction MUST BE IN ENGLISH.

    5) General Forum Rules

    Being a good member starts with a good introduction, for sure. But it does not end there! We have rules on this forum and sadly, some people are so happy with getting access to the songs that they don't take time to read the rules. Then they make a mistake and they lose their rights. Crying or Very sad

    Therefore I'm adding another step to the introduction to make sure that you will all at least read the rules once! (And when you make a mistake I won't be happy to hear "but I didn't read the rules sorry!"). You all have acces to the following link: https://usasian.forumotion.net/f21-rules-read-before-posting

    Those are the rules right there, available in many different languages. SO, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you add a little something to your introduction to let me know you've read the rules! For example:

    "I have read the forum rules and I know that I should not be xxxxx"

    No need to recite all the rules. Just mention one thing and that's enough.

    --> Introductions that respect all the rules will be validated MUCH faster than others.

    --> We are not present 100% of the time so it is normal if a couple of days have gone by and you are still not a member after having done a complete introduction.

    We thank you for following these rules and we look forward to meeting new members who will make our community grow! I love you I love you I love you

    Best regards

    Ultrastar Asian Songs Admins Cool

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