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    regarding invalid-links songs


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    regarding invalid-links songs Empty regarding invalid-links songs

    Post  roseinnose on Sun Jun 28, 2015 5:27 pm

    Hello everyone^^

    I just had a suggestion regarding all those Invalid songs.. Idea
    Since I became an uploader, I wanted to do something about that but I joined this community after links became dead..

    so,, I'm suggesting if we can ask those regular members who already have the song to reshare them through PM and upon doing that, those members are to be rewarded with something like extra points or like after sharing 5 songs, they can be Gold members.. I don't know.. scratch

    It is sad for me to see all those lovely songs and hard efforts without doing something..

    what do you think?? and I'm sorry If I'm interfering study


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    regarding invalid-links songs Empty Re: regarding invalid-links songs

    Post  WingXero on Mon Jun 29, 2015 4:10 am

    It's also something I though.

    Maybe create the complete list of broken links, and then put an announcement on the forum (like at the beginning of the forum)
    or that an admin send an mp at all members of the forum (there's a tool for that, so it take no time to do that)
    with the whole list.

    I though also to create a personnal server for our songs.
    I'm going to have a NAS system home, I can see to give some place to put all or songs on it
    (I think 2T will be enough place), and give acces to admins/reuploader so there's always someone that can find and
    reupload the songs.

    But it's not a sure thing yet.

    regarding invalid-links songs 274173UASBanWingXero
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    regarding invalid-links songs Empty Re: regarding invalid-links songs

    Post  Prom361 on Thu Aug 27, 2015 12:53 am

    It's really hard tyo re-upload all songs !
    lot of songmaker do not come to the forum.
    many older members either
    songs are lost, for sure!

    there is already a missing song list
    ditto: it is difficult to update, you must check all recent messages for members, with message: "missing file", etc.

    I have many song I Download As for assets! but I do not have any

    it is sure that a shared server would be much more effective,
    but we all do it for free.

    roseinnose you can try to send PM to members that interest you, I think there are no worries
    and in my opinion, they are already "gold" Smile
    and even if it is only a few songs, it's already very good!
    thanks for your help Smile

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    regarding invalid-links songs Empty Re: regarding invalid-links songs

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