Ultimate how to get 8000+ songs guide AND a free folder optimiser app


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    Ultimate how to get 8000+ songs guide AND a free folder optimiser app

    Post  Faic on Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:17 pm

    This post includes two things:
    How to download lots of songs for absolute beginners.
    A free program which goes through your Songs folder and deletes empty folders, moves folders up to the main directory, removes duplicate songs while always keeping the biggest folder and removes folders without lyrics (without .txt files).

    How to download lots of songs:

    1. Install JDownloader2
    2. Go on ultrastar-base.com
    3. click on the top left jdownloader Listen link
    4. click on number 1
    5. the url should now end with index.php?section=songliste&cat=4&order=&Anfangsposition=0
    6. change the last number in 100 increments, you could also use the numbers on the website but I guarantee you, you will get lost and don't know what you already downloaded and what not
    7. if you are now at Anfangsposition(ENG: StartPosition) 0 make sure that jdownloader is running in the background
    8. mark with your mouse all the songnames including the link named 1 in brackets and press control C on your keyboard (copy)
    9. Jdownloader will now crawl through what you have copied and extract the links
    10. go to the url and add 100, you are now at Anfangsposition=100
    11. copy the list
    12. repeat 80 times till you got all links
    13. click on the website on the FAQ link in the top left corner
    14. you see the Question Frage: Wie lautet das Passwort um die Files zu entpacken? (Eng: Question: What is the Passwort to extract the files)
    15. Everything wich ends with .com is a passwort
    16. go to jdownloader, click on settings tab, scroll in the list to Archive Extractor, scroll in the window till Password List. Add each password as a new line
    17. Go in the settings to the general tab and make sure the correct download path is set, the files are huge so you might want to change the path to an external hdd
    18. Go now to linkgrabber tab and right click and select start all, don't add broken links or offline links (but even if you do nothing will happen)
    19. It either starts downloading automaticly or you press the play button
    20. depending on the hoster you now have to type in lots of captchas
    21. most songs are on uploaded.to so if you want you can spent some money and get a premium account there or use a multihoster like premiumize.me to download full speed without captchas

    Now to the normally not so fun part:
    The automatically extracted files and folders are a mess and you have duplicates or invalid ones. That's why I wrote a tool (in C sharp for windows) to fix all this.
    How to use my optimizing program:

    1. the resulting structure is ALL songs in one folder, nothing sorted by artist etc. If you have sorted it by Artist in subfolders DON'T use my program
    2. i have no idea what happens if the folder names are not in roman letters (just a warning)
    3. download the .exe or download the source code and compile yourself (VS2015)
    4. place the .exe file (FixFolder.exe) in your Songs directory which includes all the downloaded folders.
    5. search in your explorer for .rar and .zip files in your Songs folder and delete all of them, you don't need them anymore.
    6. double click and run the program (no worries, first a window will pop up)
    7. if you click analyse, the program will only show you what has to be fixed
    8. if you click fix it! the program will actually delete and move folders
    9. repeat clicking fix it! until there is nothing more to optimize.
    10. moving folders works by renaming, if you find folders wich end with lots of AAAAAA, then there is something wrong. Check manually.

    Download link to the .exe File:

    Download link to Visual Studio 2015 project

    This is my first post here, I hope I contributed something useful.
    Don't judge me for the code, I put zero effort in it, but it does the job Wink

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