Fate saga (Fate/Stay Night, /UBW, /Heaven's Feel, /Zero, /Hollow Ataraxia, /Grand Order, ...


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    Fate saga (Fate/Stay Night, /UBW, /Heaven's Feel, /Zero, /Hollow Ataraxia, /Grand Order, ...

    Post  WingXero on Tue Sep 19, 2017 12:13 pm

    Hello everyone,

    Are there person who does follow all that Fate universe ?
    And by extension the Type-Moon universe ? (Kara no Kyokai, Tsukihime, ...)

    Personally I like mostly all of the fate series.
    I've read the Fate visual novel (eroge) and all their route(Fate/Stay Night, UBW, Heaven's feel).
    I've also read the second eroge Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. (I love a lot of soundtrack of them).

    Have seen all anime/movie and anticipating the next one (Heaven's feel).
    Gotta say it's the best route of all tree from the original story. (but Rin x Shirou is the best couple ^^)

    Also read the Novel and saw the anime Fate/Zero.

    But I did not follow the Fate/Kaleid liner prisma thing (I'm too old for that xD)

    Unfortunately, 'cause it only came out in Japan, couldn't play the game on Playstation otherwise i would have played them.

    At the moment I'm playing on Fate/Grand Order on my phone (english version).
    The game released in the US on June, and I'm playing on it (thanks APKpure).
    It's a shame the game did not release in Europe ... really it's a great game.
    I like the story so far, and like to play with all those new hero I didn't knew about.

    If you play on it, I can share you my friend reference code (so you can play with my servants). Just ask Smile

    EDIT 11/17:

    I'm now lvl 113 (I went up so fast ^^)
    Got my hand on new servants and planning up my future teams.
    At the moment I concentrate on the bond points of my main team :
    Altria (Alter)[lvl 80], Emiya[lvl 80], St.Martha[lvl 80], Cu Chulainn (Proto)[lvl 70] & Jing Ke [lvl 70] (all lvl 8 bond).

    When done, I'll work on my next team. I'm still unsure of the team but it should be :
    Atalante [lvl 80], Anne Bonny & Mary Read [lvl 80],Okita Souji [lvl 80], Lancelot [lvl 70] & Diarmuid (when he will be released).
    On the side, Medea [lvl 60] & Medusa [lvl 60] & Carmilla [lvl 60]
    I'm trying to make an Arts/Quick team with various type of servants, but it's quite hard.
    So I have to use Quick/Buster type of servant (Like Lancelot, Okita Souji & Carmilla)

    Then I have other teams I'm planning to upgrade and use sometime (when I want to change):
    Stheno, Euryale, Medusa, Medea, Herakles (all lvl 60) : It's my Gorgon team ^^
    Orion, Jeanne of Arc, Zhuge Liang, Vlad III, Mash (lvl 50/60) : My arts team

    I have other servants, so those team will certainly change in due time.
    If I had to create my best team, it would be an arts/buster type of team with
    Altria (Alter), Emiya, St Martha, Elizabeth Bathory (Lancer), Elizabeth Bathory (Halloween/Caster) & Sakata Kintoki.

    I really hope I could create a full Quick/Arts type team, a Quick/Buster type team and a full Arts team.
    Then with these team, create sub team for certain type of battle :
    Anti-Male team with Orion, Euryale, Stheno & Medea (+Medea, Medea Lily or Jeanne of Arc).
    Anti-Female team with Carmilla & Diarmuid.

    I'll update the list when I'll be further in the game.

    Anyway, I hope to find some fan of the serie here (and principally of the game ^^)


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