Who needs a face when you can Listen?


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    Who needs a face when you can Listen?

    Post  Hitode on Fri Feb 28, 2014 7:25 am

    Hello world,
    I'm not very good at the entire forum community thingie, but I was browsing through the freetalk and found the where are you from topic, and it gave me an idea.

    On most forums there is a "Show your face" thread but tbh I doubt any of us are very happy about that, and since the admins go through all the trouble of making us do proper introductions to be friends and all then I though why not start with something less personal.

    Since this forum's main interest lies in singing and Karaoke I thought instead of posting a long wall of text or pictures which we don't feel comfortable about how about posting our voices? We don't need to sing or say anything special. You can if you want just say your username or a simple "Hello", though it would be so much more fun if you maybe said something in your native language like "Hey nice to meet you all" or something.

    There is this site vocaroo.com/ which let you record your voice online and then share it. Easy and problem free, so if you dare why not give it a try. (If it gets too embarrassing you can always delete the recording or the post and it will be as if have never existed)

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