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    Secret (Chinese Movie) Empty Secret (Chinese Movie)

    Post  Eirith on Tue Mar 19, 2013 11:26 am

    Secret (Chinese Movie) Secret-p2Secret (Chinese Movie) 9947
    Secret it's a Chinese movie that... became undoubtedly one of my favorite movies I love you I love you
    The soundtrack and argument are... BEAUTIFUL! I love it! And and the way Jay plays the piano... I envy him and I love him at the same time Embarassed I liked the song so much... so I decided doesn't stop until to learn it and... finally I did.
    Embarassed I love you

    For people who haven't seen the movie, I will give a brief summary of the argument. I'll try to explain it as best I can but... forgiveness in advance for my mistakes with English ^-^(I recomended not use the Internet to looking for the argument of the movie, because it tells you the whole movie):

    Xianglu (Jay Chou), enters a new school by means of music, playing the piano and recommended by his father.
    There, he hear a person playing a melody on the piano... it's then when he knows Lu Xiaoyu (Kwai Lun Mei). Little by little they are making friends and even falling in love. An impossible love... though not so much...

    I can not give more details because it could give spoilers, sorry Razz People who have not seen it ... really recommend it because it seemed beautiful and touching.
    I hope that if you decide to see it, you'll like so much as I liked my ^-^

    Now, the trailer and some scenes of the film and then, I put the film in English and Spanish Very Happy


    Movie Scene

    Movie (eng sub)

    Movie (sub español)

    Secret (Chinese Movie) 2ewcvow

    Sorry for the mistakes I made with English. I try to improve day by day.
    If your presentation takes a long time and you have not received a response, please send me a PM.

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