Translator search for my video game!


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    Translator search for my video game!

    Post  Prom361 on Wed Apr 15, 2015 4:28 am

    Hello everyone,
    In a totally different subject from karaoke! just the languages are in commun !

    I finished my adventure video game project:

    This is a first person puzzle adventure game in the Myst universe (for those who know!)
    This is a totally free game made for fun and to learn
    And, as for this forum to share!

    already 400 downloads !!

    For now, the game is only in French!
    English, Italian and German versions are in progress...
    but I want to touch other languages: Spanish, Russian, Japanese ! an others if you want help us Smile

    so if you know of adventure games forums, in your native language,
    and you want to help us to make it known!
    Do not hesitate to create new posts on these forums!
    Do not hesitate to prevent them therefore we are looking for translators!

    My email:

    if YOU, you know help us ! no problem with pleasure !! please send me a message Smile

    it's totally free of course ! just for fun and for have the pleasure to have help a great project !

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate too !
    if I see that people are interested, I would go into the details: the number of words, problems, works, delay, etc.

    babye =) and thank you for your help !

    PS for Admin: i add this post in Annonce Globale, but in few week, i remove in the "News" forum normal Smile thank you !

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