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    How to become a "gold member"?


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    How to become a "gold member"? Empty How to become a "gold member"?

    Post  Prom361 Fri Oct 15, 2010 7:32 am

    Hello everyone!

    You may be asking the question, but what the "gold member"?

    to find the answer, it's very simple:
    just come join this new group, for this:
    - You click on "gold" in "Legend" at the bottom of the page
    or you click "UserGroups" then "Join a Group" choose "Gold"

    - Then click "Join Group"

    Atfer, you must await the decision of the administrator

    This response will be based on several things, about whether if yes or no, you are accepted into the group:
    - Firstly, if you follow the rules...
    - Your various comments
    - Your participation
    - Your help and your behavior
    - Your age on the forum (3 months of presence and activity)

    If you don't respect any of these thing,
    you will automatically be "refuse"
    thank you to check and try again later

    After being accepted,
    you will have access to new parts and new surprises!
    So hopefully see you soon in this new part of the forum

    and if not, i wish you a good fun in the "General" forum !

    a très bientôt !

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