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    Forum General Rules (English version) v2.0


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    Forum General Rules (English version) v2.0 Empty Forum General Rules (English version) v2.0

    Post  Prom361 Tue Apr 12, 2011 6:42 am

    This is a compilation of all the important rules for this forum. They aren´t many and they aren´t complicated but please remember to follow these rules.

    1) Rules for your Introduction:

    We want to know everyone a little bit so please do a short introduction of yourselves your likes / dislikes and so on. Of course you can also post other things about you ^^ Also, show us that you've read the rules by mentionning one of the downloading rules in your introduction.

    Please note that the topic title (subject) should be [Introduction] + your username (not your real name)
    example: [Introduction]Prom361

    After you've introduced yourself, you'll have to wait until an admin checks your introduction. If it is okay the Admin will move you to the members group and you will have access to the download area. Before that you won't be able to download!

    For the specific rules regarding Introductions click here: in english

    Add a picture in your profile.

    If you are wondering why then: in english

    2) Rules for Downloading:

    Cool Post a little message to see the hidden download link.

    Rolling Eyes You can also post a message after the download to give comments or feedback on the song.

    Evil or Very Mad It is prohibited to copy and paste your answers from one song to the other!
    Evil or Very Mad It´s forbidden to post one letter / word answers. Answers like Thank you / Thanks / Ty etc. are also forbidden. And adding a smiley doesn´t make it better! Please at least try to write a little bit more then a few words for the hidden link.
    We took time to create these songs, you can at least write a different message every time.
    Evil or Very Mad do not redistribute these links without permission of the creator of the song....

    3) Rules for Requesting a Song:

    Please read here: in english the rules for requesting a song.

    4) Rules for Posting a Song:

    If you want to post a song you´ll need to be a Songmaker, to become a songmaker please write a PM to an Admin!

    Read here more informations: in english

    5) Ask a Question and Find a Answer:

    If you have questions please go here in this forum: Questions/Answers

    or look here for frequently questions (in english):
    Why I am in the "Banishments and Warnings" part of forum Sad

    Why I do not understand my forum??

    How to become a "gold member"?

    Why Prom asked me to add pictures??

    Why I am speaking in English, while I'm French??

    affraid Administrators allow themselves the right to ban you from this site for infringement of any of these rules.
    read here: in english

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